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Product Placement

November 30, 2007

24 hours ago, I was sick: painful joints, sore muscles, entire self glued to couch. But I drank an elixir, and woke up hale and hearty. I’ve always been dubious, having used it previously with little result (the first time, because I didn’t realize it was meant to be dissolved before ingestion), but now I believe.

We’re into our second week of gloriously dry mornings, thanks to our nifty new night-dipes. These things are truly unbelievable: on many mornings, I’m afraid I’ll wrench my back lifting one of these heavily laden soakers. If there’s ever a Tsunami headed for Washington, DC, I’m hiding behind a pile of these. I bet my shoes don’t even get wet.

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  1. Ken Tennyson says:

    Hilarious, how in the heck did you find that YouTube video! Just doesn’t seem like something the dignified Stavlund would run across! More in Mr. Page’s arena… ;)

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