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Note to Self

November 7, 2007

Tips for surviving a day with a sick, clingy Girlie:

1. Never skip your coffee, even if it’s only decaf.
2. Paci = handy; if not, then no paci = noisy.
3. Be sure to have a tissue on hand before saying, “can we blow your nose?”, elsewise snot will be smeared across your shoulder.
4. Don’t wear a clean or favorite shirt (see above).
5. TV (aka, “Bee!”) can provide sanity, if only for a minute.
6. Remove shoes of child, so that the clutching at your legs while preparing meals will not cause as much pain to the tops of your feet.

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One Response to “Note to Self”

  1. MeesheMama says:

    This is a very handy list. Thank you! (I’ve been wearing the same snotty sweatshirt for 3 days now. The sleeves, the shoulders, the waistband all snotty. 2 sick kiddos means it’s a wearable tissue.)

    Hope you all recover soon. Stuffy nose = no fun. (Props to your Wife for her strength.)

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