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We’re Back

October 30, 2007

After five days away that felt like two weeks (in a good way), we’re back home with all of our bags and suitcases and car seats and everything. The Girlie had a joyful reunion this morning with most of her toys, then uncharacteristically climbed herself into her high chair where she uncharacteristically plowed through a plate of eggs before she uncharacteristically nodded off into said plate. After which she drained a bottle of milk, laid placidly in her crib, and then stood up to scream for a little bit before finally falling back asleep. So, as the clock turns toward her third hour of napping, I guess I should say that she too had a good time, and that she’s glad to be back.

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  1. Liz says:

    So, after Ella’s three plus hours of napping – did you get any sleep last night?

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