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< quakeresque >

October 14, 2007

from this morning’s gathering (physics gaffe duly noted)

we’re trained toward economy
hoarding, scrimping, saving

but we’ve hear rumors
that there’s another way

that we can taste and feel
and be richly sustained

by wasting Saturday mornings
missing must-see TV

singing poorly into a fat mic
feeding the hungry and hosting the ungrateful

circling around a center
to be flung off by centrifugal force

to love family and friends
to enter into the travail of the Other
to write them into the story of God

saving life by losing it
gaining something priceless by giving away

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4 Responses to “< quakeresque >”

  1. Mike Croghan says:

    Did you say “centripetal” this morning? I didn’t notice. I bet P3T3 did. ;-)

    In any event, *snap*


  2. kate says:

    Hee. I actually noticed. I suck.

    But far stronger was my sense — again — that you’re quite the poet, Mike. And thank you SO much for sharing these gems. They are good stuff.

  3. now wait just a doggone minute…

    I consulted my trusty Moleskine ™, which clearly says ‘centrifugal’. So unless I had a Freudian slip, I’m pretty sure I read it as written. It’s just that my subsequent research showed that it is *not* centrifugal force that flings an object out of an orbit, but rather a *lack* of centripetal force. Which, while precise, isn’t really that evocative, so I left my imprecision in there.

  4. kate says:

    No centripetal’s right. (c’mon, Croghan!) I don’t understand why, even after re-reading the explanation. I just remember memorizing that factoid after some hard-core geek (probably my dad) mocked me for not knowing.


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