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…on a jet plane…

October 23, 2007

Once again, we’re taking advantage of free air fare for our under-two-year-old, this time heading south to Soularize in the Bahamas. The forecast is for rain– though not for hurricanes– for the entire weekend, which has dampened our enthusiasm a bit. But I’m sure we’ll enjoy the warm water, the good company, and the fried conch sandwiches.

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3 Responses to “…on a jet plane…”

  1. JennO says:

    Have a lovely time, i love island rain :)

  2. kate says:

    Happy trails, my friends! I pray for memorable experiences (good ones).

  3. Greta says:

    Wow. Have an amazing time. Can Ella come for free to California in December, too? Puh-lease? :)

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