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October 22, 2007

The one-dollar bin at the thrift store spoke to me, and I came home two CDs richer. Has it really been that long since Fate of Nations, and who was in super-group Temple of the Dog again? I can’t quite remember.

But the years disappear when the music comes through the speakers. Three notes into “Say Hello 2 Heaven”, and I’m right back there sitting on some recycled couch, picking up the very same CD case from a dorm-room coffee table. The smell of flannel and denim is in the air, and I’m listening to The Stone Roses (and sneaking hits of Jane’s Addiction) on Brad and Mike’s cobbled-together stereo. No one’s talking; we’re just hanging, and I’ve got a few more minutes to stay before I need to run to Bill Moulder’s Bible and Justice. I hope I bump into that amazing girl on the way– she’s usually a little late for her class.

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