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October 23, 2007

I love/hate it when I’m late to pick up on a joke.

I was taken with Dave Eggers’ collection of short stories, and especially appreciated the packaging. But my new obsession is illuminating that experience after the fact. I was moving books on the shelf the other day when I grabbed it, suddenly realizing that it is the same size, color, and texture as the noble journal. And as I remember now, my used copy came with an orange paper band wrapping the cover, just like a real Moleskine.

So a big tip o’ the beverage to uber-writer and publisher Dave Eggers: you’re even cooler and funnier than I realized. Either that, or we’re both huge geeks.

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  1. Mojo says:

    Probably. But as you have now joined the Moleskin Collective, you should check out these guys (I’ve picked an appropriate post to start with):

    Even bigger geeks.

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