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October 19, 2007

The Girlie and I had a great time yesterday connecting with our new friends from the Gathering, Karen and Anita, who are stopping over in DC to get their visas in order to return to Belarus. We visited the ever-enlightening National Museum of the American Indian, then sat in the shadow of the Capitol as we talked about what the Gospel looks like to the orphaned kids with whom they work. What hope can be given to grade-school kids whose coming of age includes the realization that they will spend the rest of their school years in an orphanage; that no one wants to adopt them? And why is colonialism and Prosperity Theology so regularly inflicted on the poor and the downcast? And in the face of all of this, why do they feel so much optimism for their quest, and for their work?

Karen and Anita will be over the ocean tonight, and I’m praying for them today.

Lord, have mercy on these children, and on those who love them.

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  1. Karen says:

    we just got here 2 days ago and are just now downloading what you sent, we are so excited. thanks again!

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