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The Aunt from Iowa

September 29, 2007

Mi-Mi! Mi-Mi! Meee-Meee!! is the new cry echoing off our walls, as The Girlie impatiently asks us to cue up the DVD that AuntPammy sent with a big pile of books. On this ‘Story Time With Aunt Pammy’, each of the books are lovingly read (or sung, as appropriate, in her beautiful voice). Ella loves it, and is actually starting to concern her parents in her near-dependence on this audio-visual delight as an aid to gustation. My personal highlight is the aside in ‘Hey, Diddle Diddle’, when Mi-Mi stops to point out that cows can’t really jump over the moon. Which leaves dear old dad to someday explain to our heartbroken Girlie that– in spite of Pammy’s clear implication to the contrary– cat’s don’t play the violin, dogs don’t laugh, and plates don’t elope with the flatware.

Pam’s blog is great, too, letting us in on all of the exciting turns in her life. I’m especially pleased to see her artistic/musical side being expressed, though I was a little disconcerted to read about her close encounter with a rock band. I never imagined that I’d enjoy a story about my sweet little sister spending several hours with a real band on a real tour bus, but she’s expanded my imagination, I guess.

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