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My 9/11

September 11, 2007

you never know
the last, last, last
until is has passed

last laundry
last meal
last car ride
last room
last smile
last diaper
last cry
last look
last breath

only in retrospect
as you rewind
do you realize
that everything is different
there’s a big hole
in your world
an empty silence
a searing pain
a tight ball of imponderables to untangle
a span of time that you didn’t know was a lifetime

so you search for meaning
and breathe, and cry, and look
back to the kitchen, car, and laundromat, too

until something shifts
the books call it ‘acceptance’
but it might be exhaustion
utter fatigue from asking the same questions
feeling the same pain
poring over the same emptiness
until your eyes can see
the beauty that was there all along

(ht: Maggie)

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