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September 11, 2007

That day was a Tuesday, too
but it was sunny
instead of rainy

I was late for work
tarrying to watch the news
not wanting to start another day

special bulletin, World Trade
black smoke
a plane?

standing in front of the screen
another plane banked, leveled, collided
yes, a plane

jaw slackened
head swinging
blood slow

then, the building shook
under my feet
the metal windows rattled all around

and I climbed onto the roof
looking through one mile of clear, windless sky
as the Pentagon churned black clouds

no one remembers
those first few hours
of silence

empty streets, skies, stores
life ground to a halt

no one remembers
how we were fearful, uncertain, sad

it would be a few days
before we started speaking
of vengeance and justice, of eyes and teeth

(ht: Jan and Bruce)

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