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The Aunt from Iowa

September 29, 2007

Mi-Mi! Mi-Mi! Meee-Meee!! is the new cry echoing off our walls, as The Girlie impatiently asks us to cue up […] [continue…]

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Ain’t it Purdy

September 26, 2007

‘Round and ’round the room today, doing final touch-ups to the paint on the trim, ceiling, and walls, and joined […] [continue…]

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(Another) Apology

September 24, 2007

Dear Ella: Remember yesterday when your dad spent so much time staring at that rack of footie pajamas? The ones […] [continue…]

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September 18, 2007

Last Monday, The Girlie and I somehow sensed that we were enjoying the last day of summer, so we packed […] [continue…]

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Detox: Hello, Old Friend

September 17, 2007

Our cleansing diet officially ended last week, and though we’re surprisingly hesitant to get back to our old eating habits, […] [continue…]

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Tree of Peace

September 14, 2007

(photos by iPete) Just as dusk was falling on Wednesday, we gathered around a tree to dedicate it to Will’s […] [continue…]

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One Year Later

September 13, 2007

Dear Will: First of all, I know it’s kind of crazy for me to address you in this way. I’m […] [continue…]

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