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Select Fit

August 8, 2007

We discussed this (very) short film at church on Sunday, and some friends are writing about it, cleverly keeping the conversation alive. I really enjoyed the film– the more I watch it, the more I absorb its nuance and import (the ‘angel’s’ speech is, in particular, some stellar theology).

A couple of thoughts that are still circling:

1. Through the lens of my psyche, anyway, there are two basic messages that the bearded guy perceives: the larger, more painful truth, and the heavily edited version of the same. The former is one that will lead him to life, but probably feels like it will kill him. The latter is killing him, in every way, though it probably feels pretty good. I tend to bounce between believing the very worst things about myself and a caricatured, idealized version of my own self-perception. It is exceedingly difficult to live between these two extremes.

2. The issue of blind spots looms large. How can we see that which we don’t look at? How can we listen to that which we cannot hear? These seem to be impossibly circular questions, but they also seem to be the very questions of life and faith.

Yesterday, The Girlie and I were trying to keep up with the Sharpses, playing with her stackable blocks. We make a great team– she is pre-verbal, and I am kinda colorblind. She was stacking away, again and again, and I was trying to help her learn the various colors of the blocks. When I realized that I was calling at least two blocks ‘purple’, I thought that both she and I need some outside help to enlarge our view of the world. We need one another, and we also need the input of a larger community. Which means that we need to humbly acknowledge our shortcomings and actually listen to and (harder still) learn from what our friends (and enemies) tell us.

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  1. kate says:

    Yeah yeah, blah blah. You didn’t mention whether you thought the angel was hot.

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