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Detox: Propaganda

I hate to disagree with Wikipedia, but something is amiss here. Either these photos got switched, or the spider couldn’t […] [continue…]

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Detox: Day One

August 14, 2007

Starting today, I’m joining The Wife in a month-long detox diet. There are a lot of reasons for the diet, […] [continue…]

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August 13, 2007

If you pay careful attention when you dive into a pool, you can hear the splash your hands make when […] [continue…]

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A New Era

Our lovely Girlie is using a new word. It starts with ‘N’, ends with ‘O’, and has nothing in the […] [continue…]

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Us Kids Know

August 11, 2007

I have a hard time describing why I like music– sometimes it’s a gut-level thing, and even googling lyrics doesn’t […] [continue…]

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Culture Shock

A friend just returned from a couple of months in Africa, where he was developing a safe-water project in a […] [continue…]

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Bikram Writing

August 9, 2007

With a few free hours on a rainy afternoon, I decided to indulge in my favorite home away from home. […] [continue…]

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Select Fit

August 8, 2007

We discussed this (very) short film at church on Sunday, and some friends are writing about it, cleverly keeping the […] [continue…]

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Symbol in My Driveway

August 6, 2007

This weekend, many urgent needs presented themselves: whole milk, yogurt, triple antibiotic, band-aids, soap, and sour patch kids. Plus, I […] [continue…]

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What is the What

August 5, 2007

Dave Eggers‘ hybridized work of biography/fiction is long and exhausting, not unlike the story it tells of Lost Boy Valentino […] [continue…]

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Parting is Sweet Sorrow

August 3, 2007

I was worried about my sister’s visit. Afraid that it would be uncomfortable, and that she’d want to talk about […] [continue…]

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