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Detox: Bravado

August 17, 2007

Last night, I went to bed with a screaming backache and itchy allergies, but also with a firm resolve to avoid introducing any unnatural chemicals into my body, at least for the next 3o days. This detox diet is supposed to help with allergies and general health, so I was committed to press on through to the promised land.

As I tossed and turned all through the night, my allergies worsening and my backache migrating from mid-back to low-back, I had many dreams. It is abnormal for me to remember dreams, but I remember this one:

I was driving our car in an unfamiliar and mostly deserted industrial area, heading to a place I had been once before, but from a different direction. I was having a little trouble making my way– I could see my destination down the hill, but a road construction crew had piled gravel in the road in front of me. Reasoning that I’d be able to find my way from the older, more familiar approach, I decided to backtrack. But when I three-point-turned around, there was a ‘Do Not Enter’ sign on the road I had just traveled. Worried about getting lost, and with no traffic around and only a single block of forbidden driving, I gave myself an exception and forged ahead.

A minute later, I felt the car pitch forward as it fell through a big metal plate cut into the roadway, and I was plunging several hundred feet into a large body of water below. As I was in free-fall, I reflexively gripped the steering wheel with my right hand and reached out with my left hand to grab something to stop or slow my descent. In the next second, I realized that this was foolish. In the next, that I would die, very soon. And in the next second, I remembered that my daughter was the back seat, and that she would die, too. Then, I woke up.

So when I was taking my detox vitamins this morning, I threw some Ibuprofen and Claritin on the pile.

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  1. Ken Tennyson says:

    Dude, I have been asked to reduce my caffeine intake for health reasons, so I completely understand the major brain disruptions. Supposedly your adenosine receptors will start to dimish as less are needed to combat the disabling effects of caffeine, but I can’t imagine the impact if I tried to go cold turkey! Best luck with your struggle, I raise a cup of ice water in your honor.

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