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July 11, 2007

Summer has covered the DC area like a wet canvas tent, so we’re tending toward no-cook or low-cook dinner options. Last night, for example, was entirely cooked on the grill:

Peppered Beef Chop with Blue Like Corn Salsa
organic beef rib from the grill, sweet corn and yellow tomato salsa with blue cheese, grilled spring onion, and roasted garlic with a side of grilled zucchini and yellow squash
served with two buck cab

Tonight was leftovers:

Mediterranean Beef Salad
twice-cooked beef rib served on a bed of wilted cabbage with roasted pine nuts, sun dried tomatoes, sweet onions, olives, golden raisins, and capers, all covered with vine-ripened red tomato slices and a fresh tzaziki dressing
served with a choice of two buck cab or an organic pale ale

(Most) vegetables courtesy of CSA, creative menu descriptions inspired by the highlight of my week.

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3 Responses to “Menu”

  1. Lisa says:

    Mmmm…can the Scandrette’s come for dinner? Sounds lovely!

  2. says:

    Hope “the Grand-daughter” enjoys the rib bones Besides being tasty they are good to cut teeth on.

    G’Paw Dave

  3. paul says:

    Why is it I only seem to be watching Top Chief at 2am and suddenly starving?

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