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Justice in the Burbs: Not My Culture and Heritage

July 13, 2007

I’m very excited about the upcoming release of Justice in the Burbs, but I don’t think I’ll be reading it. I mean, maybe if they give me a free copy, I’ll skim it and pass it on to some of my friends who would benefit from reading it, but I don’t think it’s really a book for me. Not because Lisa and Will aren’t great writers, and even better people. And not because I don’t care about justice– I mean, I read about it all of the time! No, I won’t be getting too into the book simply because I’m not suburban.

Oh, sure, I happen to live in a huge suburb just outside of Washington, DC, a serious commuter town if there ever was one.
And yes, I live in one of the most affluent counties in what is probably the most affluent country in the world.
Granted, when Bill McKibben wanted to delve deeply into the world of television, he found the cable provider to my county, which had more channels on tap than any other place in the country. And yeah, since reading his book, I probably watch even more TV.
Of course, my primary means of transportation is a Japanese car, which I’ve been known to sit in it while it idles and my daughter sleeps.
Right, I live 2 miles from a great subway system, and rarely use it.
True, our thrice-weekly commute is less than 10 miles, and usually takes at least 20 minutes.
Okay, I shop at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods (at least once a week). And buy books on Amazon.
And yes, one of the insights I’ve had over the past two weeks is that most all of my human interaction is as a consumer.
True, I learned my neighbor’s last name by poaching their Wi-Fi, and I feel like I know them because I wave when they’re rolling out their driveway.
Right, most of the clothes my daughter wears were made by someone else’s children in some very poor country.
Given, my primary method of communication is this computer. But I also use a cell phone, since it works in the car.
But I know lots of poor people. I see them when I’m at the laundromat, don’t you know. And one of these days, I’m going to learn Spanish or whatever language that is so that I can talk to them.

I wish the Samson’s well in their publishing efforts, and hope that they find some readers who can benefit from their wisdom.

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3 Responses to “Justice in the Burbs: Not My Culture and Heritage”

  1. wasamson says:

    Absolutely brilliant, Mike. Thanks for one of the best endorsements we have received!

  2. randy buist says:

    Hmmmm… an avacodo and a cup of joe for breakfast along with a helping of your blog…

    I’m realizing that I missed reading your good thoughts over the past six months or so.

    Keep writing my friend.
    You’re good for our souls!

  3. lisa s. says:

    Thanks Mike! You are SO getting a copy. Y’all will just have to come down to lexington for a visit with the Sams to pick it up. (I know, it’s a desperate ploy to see you guys, but you can’t blame me for trying.)

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