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In My Life That is Occassionally and Inexplicably Exceedingly Interesting

July 30, 2007

This afternoon, I found myself backing a trailer containing a $200,000 Mechatronik 1971 Mercedes 280SL (price does not include the custom trailer itself, nor the Lexus tow vehicle) up a narrow driveway in Alexandria, Virginia. I only brushed the lawn on the one side, and snuck by the stone wall on the other.

The project went swimmingly thanks to the muscle memory implanted by the patient teaching of my Father and my many trips with the boat up our 90-degree driveway and into the garage. Also, thanks to my one-time gracious/autocratic boss and his 18-passenger van with large construction trailer that he allowed/made me back into and out of all kinds of binds in all kinds of seasons.

What doesn’t kill us sometimes makes us able to maneuver trailers from narrow streets onto even narrower driveways. Thankyouverymuch.

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    “What goes around comes around” Happy to hear you’ve retained the backing skill-as I recall you learned quickly just like learning high speed lot boy skills !
    How fast does a Pontiac Fiero manuever 90 degree turns at Lindale ?
    Pleased to hear the four of you are having so much fun !

    Iowa Dad

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