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July 16, 2007

My friend Mark talks a lot about ‘learning to see our lives as a good story’. Which is obviously easier for some of us than it it for others– those who’ve suffered abuse or scarcity or illness or heartbreak may find it especially difficult to see the narrative thread of a good God in our lives– but I like Mark’s way of describing this, a fundamental part of being human.

In preparing my body, mind, and emotions for Saturday, I’ve come to revere Corbin’s Mom, who is finding the goodness in the life of her son. It seems to me that she is uncovering a redemptive narrative for herself, and for her family, and even for strangers like me as we join in her considerable efforts. Just over a year after the passing of her son, she is offering a place of hospitality for people to gather, to express grief and angst and hopefulness through their physicality, and to search for the good in their own story. I hope I get a chance to meet her, and that I can find some way to thank her.

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