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Not a Sermon…

June 24, 2007

The local mega-church runs 30-second spots on the radio stations in town. In them, the pastor presents a mini-sermon, then signs off with the cool catch phrase, “not a sermon, just a thought…”

In the one I heard tonight, he quotes a woman who was just diagnosed with cancer, who says that “life is a gamble, a bet that you wouldn’t take”. She says there’s a “terrifying randomness to life”.

The pastor describes this as a world-view in which there is “no sense to events of life– that we’re victims of random, senseless, and sometimes cruel fate.” He goes on to say that the Bible gives us a different world-view– one where a “supernatural, sovereign God is in full control of the universe, and every event in every human life.” He describes this as a source of ‘comfort and peace,’ though it seems unlikely that the woman with cancer would see things this way.

Okay, dude. So if that’s the Biblical world view, what would you tell the woman who was just diagnosed with cancer? If you’re going to use her quote to cleverly lever forward your thought, could you at least give her a better answer, if not in 30 seconds, then at least on yer cool website? Then she and we can better understand why your true, Biblical God isn’t cruel, random, or senseless. If you’re going to tell people that God exerts that kind of control over everything, then I think you need to expect some hands to pop up in the congregation at some point. Namely, when someone loses their job, gets cancer, or crashes their Beemer.

Don’t think of this as a criticism. It’s just a question

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4 Responses to “Not a Sermon…”

  1. WMS says:

    exactly what I said in my mind 2 years ago when I heard this “not a sermon” sound bite. I just never had the concern to write down my thinking. But come ON! Answer your own question if you’re bringing it up to prove another answer is THE answer!

  2. kate says:

    Ouch. Good call, man.

  3. P3T3RK3Y5 says:

    oh no – there’s a website


  4. P3T3RK3Y5 says:

    you may be consoled that the crashed BMW won’t be anyone who is on staff…

    - staff are not allowed to buy a beemer with the ongoing building program.

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