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Humble (Vegetable) Pie

June 18, 2007

We enjoyed a beautiful drive away from the city and to our CSA today to pick up our box of veggies. While we were there, we also introduced The Girl to some goats, grabbed some fresh eggs, and ate ripe mulberries right off the branch. The farm is on top of a small rise that is tucked between two Appalachian ridges, and it is truly beautiful, as are the folks we met– Shawna and Attila are fun, friendly, chill folks who are, like us, passionate pursuers of the rent-free life. And they hooked us up with some gorgeous and challenging vegetables for the week.

Wont as I am to have everything be sweet and idyllic, I should add that there were some other elements that rounded out this earthy experience: the pungent smell of steaming road kill that forced its way through the vents into our car as we hurtled down the road, the bright breezeless 90-degree heat that hung over the gardens, and the clouds of tiny gnats that buzzed all around our heads. We sweated and swatted as we talked, trying our best to act like we weren’t bothered. Growing up around farms, I know the derision that comes with the expression ‘city kid’, and I’m more than a little chagrined to see that I am one, now.

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    Enjoyed your well writen words–But consider this—-the road kill fragrence may have mingled with road “spill” adding levels of smells not appreciated by city noses


    Ella-Have you hugged a goat today ?

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