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Ella Olas

June 12, 2007

Thanks to the generosity of Nana and Bampa, The Girlie had a blast on a last-minute trip to Puerta Vallarta, Mexico (her mother and father got to go along, too, to make sure she didn’t starve or get sunburned). The intense humidity instantly curled her rapidly lightening hair, and she loved playing in the pools and ocean and — especially– napping to the sound of the waves. The beach in Sayulita was a highlight, with enough kids and dogs and birds that she was almost endlessly entertained as she pointed and staggered toward them in turn.

On the downside, the culture-shift may have been a little confusing to her language acquisition: she now says ‘hola’ when she waves a greeting, answers affirmatively with ‘si’, says ‘mas’ for ‘more’, rolls her ‘r’s', and pronounces her name “Aye-ya”. It’s enough to make me wonder if she’s been speaking Spanish this whole time.

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3 Responses to “Ella Olas”

  1. Mrs. says:

    welcome back- hope we can see you all soon.

  2. kate says:

    ha HA! She’s already multilingual! Amazing child.
    Did she pick up surfing, as well?

  3. Erin says:

    Can I hire her to give me a little language training before our trip to Costa Rica?

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