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A Box of Green Goodness

June 15, 2007

This summer, we’ve joined a group of friends in a Community Supported Agriculture project, an organic farm nearby that offers co-op-like shares in the farm which provide the shareholders with 20 weeks of vegetables. We’re really looking forward to getting a box of unpredictable produce each week– a little Iron Chef and a little Top Chef– and for the opportunity to eat with the growing season.

Though we missed the first week, it’s already been a fun culinary adventure, and a cool chance to try some new stuff (I’ve never heard of garlic scapes, but they are my new favorite non-root, root aromatic). And our consumption of greens has risen considerably in the past few days.

But perhaps the best thing, and most transformative, is that in our current arrangement, instead of asking, ‘what do we want?’, we’re asking, ‘what do we have?’.

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