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Reversing the Stream, Addendum

May 21, 2007

After I ran my smack, J4CK13– who had organized the whole service, and whose introductory comments about weakness were stronger than mine– stood up to transition us to a time of planting daylily bulbs (no, mine hasn’t sprouted yet, in spite of my worry). As she spoke, she gently allowed that “what Mike just said makes me nervous!”, and I felt the deepest sense of relief and rightness, since my words– though written and spoken with sincerity and confidence– make me nervous, too.

Strange though it sounds, this seems right to me. I mean, if church is just a place to be reminded that our static, agreed-upon perspectives are all completely correct, then what’s the point? If we only get together to define ourselves over and against some vaguely defined “outsiders”, then we might as well stay home and watch the politically charged news shows on TV. On the other hand, if those who mean to follow Jesus can be entrusted to think for themselves, to believe deeply and to hold on to those beliefs loosely, then perhaps we can enjoin a conversation, iron sharpening iron, on an ever-developing pursuit of true relationship with God.

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2 Responses to “Reversing the Stream, Addendum”

  1. WMS says:

    I like the line: “if those who mean to follow Jesus can be entrusted to think for themselves”… there is something more to unpack there. Where/When did we decide that individuals can’t be trusted? Sure some people can’t be trusted… but still others can… without the “conversation” with untrustworthy people, trustworthy connections are also lost

  2. s.o says:

    when our words make us nervous … hmm … great way to put it. sounds like a good album name!

    And something to aspire to, to ask myself – does what I’m saying make me at all nervous? If not, what am I planning on doing with this status-quo info?

    rambling, but liking the idea,

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