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Your Mind Makes It Real

May 10, 2007

On occasion, we treat ourselves to a little getaway to visit friends up in the Philadelphia/Camden area. Which is, to […] [continue…]

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I think I forgot to mention last year that The Wife is one strong woman. During her C-Section, there was […] [continue…]

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Our Consumptive Girlie

May 8, 2007

She may not be able to walk, but she sure knows how to shop. I’ve taught her well.

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Time Machine

I’m hoping that the passing of time will minimize some of my weird anniversary reactions. For the past couple of […] [continue…]

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Birthday Preparations

Tomorrow’s the big day, and I’m counting on Ella’s still-developing sense of object permanence to cover the fact that I […] [continue…]

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What Is It Good For?

May 4, 2007

I’m fortunate to have a long list of cool friends named Ryan. This one is a filmaker, and a truly […] [continue…]

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Two Years of Awakening

May 2, 2007

I had a big, blustery blogiversary post all written up, but instead, let me salute the people who don’t have […] [continue…]

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Caught Short

May 1, 2007

300 pages, a bunch of great essays from cool people, but the money line goes to one Nate Millheim: “Sometimes […] [continue…]

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