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Soul Grafitti

April 21, 2007

Mark Scandrette‘s first solo effort is really something– lyrical, ethereal, and visceral. It is a compelling call to a life lived after Jesus written by a real person with a real family living in the real world. As arresting and engaging and upending as Dallas Willard’s Divine Conspiracy, but made practical, and set to music.

This book made me hungry, and not just metaphorically. Its look at real-life spirituality made me grateful for my body, my appetites, and for the good world in which I live. I wasn’t hungry for fancy things, either– a piece of chocolate, a bowl of cereal, an egg, a turkey sandwich, or a good beer (since Mark is such an oenophile, and I’m such a contrarian). It is a rare book on Christian spirituality that doesn’t make a person feel guilty for their physicality, but Mark has found a way to affirm and expand our humanity, all at once. Remarkable.

Of some books, it is said, “I couldn’t put it down,” but of this one I want to add, “I didn’t want to keep reading.” On the one hand, I wanted to move quickly; to take in its beauty all at once. On the other hand, I wanted to slow down and accept the gentle invitation to live into this life. And on the third hand, with its call to a new kind of life so compelling and clear, I found myself not wanting to change. And yet, I can’t seem to get the tune out of my head.

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  1. brett says:

    hi mike
    sorry for the snub*grin*
    i have been anxious to get into this book ever since i got some early chapters
    good review
    it made me hungry

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