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Mark Between the Eyes

April 3, 2007

This thick volume came today, and I’ve been flipping through it. It’s nice to see so many varied voices, and especially the one I’ll hear in person tomorrow.

In chapter one of a book about emergent, my man Mark critiques the latter as an unhelpful brand, and calls out the reader for– get this– reading too many books (and blogs!). All on his way to making an obvious (and frequently ignored) point: that it is good to try to live after Jesus, and it is more than acceptable to do so imperfectly, and it is okay to fail. Instead of only talking about Jesus or justice or whatnot, we need to make some friends, and expand ourselves a little, and learn what it means to live life together.

So I’m glad for his friendship, and for his forthcoming book (which he’s presumably interested in having people buy and read…) and I’m looking forward to a double-dip here and here.

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