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Baptism Poems

April 16, 2007

Losing My Will; Finding My Way

I want to remember
I want to remember
I want to remember
This three pound person
Who gave us light
And gave us life
He gave us Eleanor
Placenta clinging to uterus
drawing sustenance
Through a tiny thread
He survived
He persevered
He triumphed
and brought us to this day

I want to remember
I want to remember
I want to remember
Not pain
Not regret
Not guilt
I want to remember
His head on my shoulder
Utter Joy
Wide smiles
Gentle cooing
Loud screaming
Rigid muscles resisting mine
A spirit unbroken

I want to be thankful
For Will
I want to have
More will
To go on
To live on
To retain my memory
To release my grip
To travel with Eleanor Elisabeth and Stacy Ann
On the road to Galilee

I want to remember
I want to remember
I want to remember
That there is a Way
A way to live
A way of life
A way that leads to real life
Blessed are the poor
Blessed are those who mourn
Blessed are the meek
Though he slay me
I’m gonna keep on walkin’,
keep on talkin,’
Marchin’ up to freedom land

My Dearest Eleanor:

Today, I offer you myself
Not the me that I am
But the me that I will become
The new me that will join with the new you
As we learn about the world together
The world that is seen,
And the greater world that is unseen
That underlying, overlaid presence which permeates this place
Everywhere and nowhere, all at once
Like daylilies pushing up through the soil
Like aimless birds with plenty to eat
Like a warm breeze beckoning
Like a mountain spring flowing
Enough for us both
to cleanse and sustain and refresh
the pure, clear waters of grace

So let’s walk the path together
You show me and I’ll show you
To live in the here and now
To live the now and then
With eyes to see
One world being undone by another
And to be undone ourselves

We named you ‘light’, and you are
A bright beam that cuts through my fog
With you, I am undone by love
It is
A divine conspiracy
A holy subversion
A quiet kingdom come

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5 Responses to “Baptism Poems”

  1. DStavlund says:


    Thank you for sharing your poem and verse, heart and soul with family and friends as well as the world.

    We love the three of you deeply!


  2. lisa s. says:

    Oh, Mike. That was beautiful. Eleanor is so blessed to have you for a Dad.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mike and Stacy, sorry we missed out on celebrating Ella’s baptism on Sunday. Your poems are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with us. Hope we can see you sometime soon.
    Love, LMK

  4. Simply beautiful.

    I am sorry I missed Ella’s baptism, too. It would have been the perfect opportunity to share in some joy with you all.

  5. JennO says:

    your heart is raw friend. your words scream exploration, hope, and dancing!

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