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Thank You Blogspot

March 5, 2007

I got locked out of my own blog! Somehow, the powers that be identified this blog as having all the hallmarks of a spam blog, and shut me down. Said I could draft and save posts, but couldn’t publish them until one of their human employees confirmed that this blog was, in fact, legit. So I filled out one of those wavy character identification boxes to show that I wasn’t a spambot and waited for a reply.

But wait, isn’t the simple fact that I’m typing and saving drafts suggestive of my humanity? Doesn’t the fact that I correctly interpreted one of those wavy character identification boxes show that I’m not a machine? Not to mention the irony that I’ve just recently begun getting spammed myself– collecting those stupid ‘what a great story!’ comment with all of those links under my old posts about medical trials or pain or tragic death.

Was it because someone flagged me for my recent naked photo? Was it my cheeky tags? Was it my post about the Psalters that identified me as an anarchist? Or, more likely, was it the fact that Blogger’s own spam prevention software was broken recently, so that when I tried to deride my dear friend for wasting seventy bucks on a cab ride from the airport that’s ten minutes from my house by repeated attempts to leave a comment on her blog, Google’s robots incorrectly identified me as a robot. Kinda like getting a speeding ticket because of a broken radar gun. But you can’t argue with the man…

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3 Responses to “Thank You Blogspot”

  1. MeesheMama says:

    Glad to see you are OK (and not robot-o-fied, you dirty spammer).

  2. kate says:

    Sorry, man. I take at least partial responsibility.

  3. chrishaw says:

    I missed a naked picture post?!

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