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Death and Taxes

March 23, 2007

It sure felt good to send my little packet of papers off to our uber-competent emergent accountant the other day. Not that the exercise of compiling information was much fun. The call to the accountant is like the visit to the barber (and about as frequent, in my case…)—one is forced to answer the question, “how have you been?” Which, in the case of the accountant means giving a 30-second summary of birth, illness, and death, and then getting right after questions of number of dependents (even one minute of life means one year of ‘dependent’ status), documentation of legal status of both children (we have two Social Security numbers, one death certificate, and zero birth certificates, which leaves us in good stead), potential deductibility of insurance co-pays (yes, definitely), and careful calculation of mileage (we drove 2,480 miles back and forth to various hospitals between May 9 and July 27 alone, which is like driving from DC to Death Valley).

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  1. kate says:

    Oh my GOSH, that’s a lot of driving.
    No birth certificates?

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