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Running and Recovering: Hurts So Good

February 20, 2007

In a testament to inertia and the strength of groupthink, the three members of our team– none of whom were particularly trained or very motivated, and all of whom would have slept in if left to their own devices– actually got to the rec center, plunked down our cash, and hunched against the wind all the way to the starting line. The day was relatively warm (mid-30′s F.) and clear, but danged windy (25mph). After five years away, we remembered that we had forgotten just how hilly and exposed the course was, but we each did our share (they much faster than me!) and got the thing done. The post-race chili was ethereal, and the fresh gray T-shirt smelled delightful in the post-race refractory period.

The question after an such a foolish immersion experience is, ‘how sore will I be?’. Run hard enough, and you’ll feel fine the next day, only to be debilitated the day after. Some genius medical researcher gave this phenomenon the coolest name ever: DOMS, and it is especially common after hard, hilly runs. So I was rather relieved to wake up on Monday with some serious soreness, and even happier to find that I had trouble walking this morning. Going down the stairs and getting into and out of the car is a bit of a challenge, but I’m going to put this one in the category of ‘glad to have done it, and glad it’s over’.

Now if I can just get a few runs in between now and the Cherry Blossom, maybe I can avoid completely embarrassing myself there.

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  1. Dave says:


    I started a workout regimen this week. I’ve been so sore for the last two days that I keep finding myself thinking things like “I wonder if I tore my bicep off the tendon…”

    happy sore times.

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