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Cro-Magnon Dad

February 15, 2007

We joined Eleanor for her 9 month well-baby visit on Tuesday, and all is, well… well. She is ‘beautiful’, and ‘active’, and even her new, tiny tantrums are viewed as a sign of ‘high intelligence’. After much speculation over the past few months, we finally found that she is just a quarter of a pound shy of a regular unit of measure around our house: a bag of charcoal.

The Wife had a few concerns about the relative size of The Girl’s head, even after it was measured and safely placed in the 60th percentile. She listed off a dizzying run of possible conditions which would contribute to having an enlarged head, finally ending with something like “hydroensephalitis”. Was there any problem?

Our beloved pediatrician paused and smiled before he answered in that patient way where he draws out each word: “Well first, she doesn’t have much hair, so the shape and size of her head is more noticeable. And second–” and here he glanced over at me, “I think it’s safe to say that she has Mike’s forehead.”

Dude! (and sorry, my little girl).

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2 Responses to “Cro-Magnon Dad”

  1. JennO says:

    We LOVE you !!! and your little girl. we love looking at the pix you have up of her…she is beautiful. miss you and love to you both!

  2. kate says:

    Har! Stacy thinks The Girl’s head is too BIG? It has always looked exactly perfect to me.

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