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An Open Letter

February 8, 2007

My Dear, Sweet Girlie:

Your father is so very proud of your new teeth. The two new ones on the top to match the ones on the bottom provide a nice symmetry, and a beautiful new smile. I know it was no easy task to produce these new chompers, and I salute your overcoming adversity.

At the same time, I’d like to ask you to stop grinding your teeth. It sounds like you’re crushing gravel in there, and I’m worried that your new smile will be worn down to the nubbins by the end of the day.

The Dad

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2 Responses to “An Open Letter”

  1. dave s says:

    To “The Dad”

    These are her practise teeth and intended for cake, sweets, suckers, and yes grinding when desired.

    “The daughter” will soon be chewing meat (organic of course)sweet corn with cob, and a multitude of fresh fruit! Relax and let her use those new “chompers”

    With love and jest,

    Tha Grandpa

  2. kate says:

    Photo! I demand a ‘chompers’ photo!

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