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An Apology

January 3, 2007

My Dearest Eleanor:

You may have noticed a certain nervousness that enters my aura when I’m picking out your clothing. You see, my dear, daddy has a tiny shortcoming: he’s colorblind. I mean, he can tell the difference between a green and red traffic light (well, most of the time…) and other important items. But he has a hard time matching, say, socks to shirts and pants to hats. Accessories are trouble, I tell you.

So, I’m sorry for all of the pink. I have this theory that pink always matches pink, so I tend to go with that theme. (I’m not sure that this theory is actually true.) Oh, and about the denim: I believe that jeans go with absolutely everything. (I’m a little more sure about this theory.)

So a couple of days ago, I was quite unsure about those corduroy pants. To hedge our bet, I kept your legs covered by that (pink) blanket at the grocery store. But I’m afraid the guy at the shoe store saw the whole outfit. Mommy told me later that the pants really didn’t go with that sweater. I thought the pants matched the eyes of that cat, but they didn’t, and I’m very, very sorry.


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7 Responses to “An Apology”

  1. Pamela says:

    If I may add, sweet Ella, let me tell you that the colorblindness of your Dad is actually a blessing for us girls. See, in a few years, he’ll be asking you if his shirt matches his pants. He’ll sheepishly look to you while you’re shopping at the mall (way too many colors there). You will offer your wisdom, he will follow it without much question, then be shamelessly indebted to you for your styling advice.
    When I was a girl, he trusted my eyes. He fell in love with your mom, and he trusted hers. And, one fine day, I am confident that this highly critical task will be entrusted to you, Sweet Girl.
    Yes, he’s colorblind, but you’ll love him for his humility in it, and the hilarious way he shares it along the way.
    Love, AuntPammy
    p.s. I think I may have started him on the jean theory. Please let me know if that one doesn’t prove true, okay?

  2. sonja says:

    Dear Eleanor,

    You may tell your daddy that jeans do go with everything … except blue. Then he must be careful.

    It’s quite difficult to match pinks … they come in all shades, as I’m certain you’ve discovered by now. But this can be fun and creates all sorts of games to play with others. You may tell your daddy when he sometimes creates different combinations that, “It’s a design element.” You and he are fashionistas setting new trends, hmmmm?

    I’m certain you look delightful and scrumptious no matter what you wear.

    Love, AuntieSonja

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mike poor Stu has the same issues and he can’t even blame it on colorblindness :-) ! Ella will be the envy of her peers because she’ll be able to pull off any look or any color combo….she is a fashion statement already!! AM

  4. kate says:

    Pretty soon, you can tell everyone that she picks out her own clothing — what can you do? That has the added benefit of making her look extra smart at her precocious age. (she’s already picking out her own clothes?!) Or I guess it could just make you look stupid. So maybe not.
    Just chant to yourself: Matching is overrated, matching is overrated…

  5. Greta says:

    My girls have rarely been dressed by their dad when I have not cringed and either just dealt with the clash or hurried upstairs to try to sneakily change top or bottoms without Tim noticing. And he’s not color blind! But as all have said before, Ella will be beautiful no matter what she is wearing, and with a dad as cool as hers, I’m sure she won’t mind being mismatched in his company.

  6. rawbbie says:

    just make sure your mom teaches you how to use crayons. (my dad was color blind and he always had to read the label before he used a crayon)

  7. Lora says:

    Jeans (denim) do indeed go with everything as we as a culture (world?) have decided they do…the only thing to watch is matching your denims—don’t do it. if you plan to wear two denims, say jeans and a denim jacket, first of all i advise against it, but if you must, try and make them very different from one another—say, super dark jeans with a faded out jacket.

    Now really, how could anyone even think all Americans might be wasting their lives???

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