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Running and Recovering: Calling My Own Bluff

December 30, 2006

As a person who is helped tremendously by concrete goals, I’m really looking forward to three bright spots on the calendar:

January 20– I’m joining my old crew, and my good friend for a reunion of sorts. Steve‘s first Saturday Long Run was a twelve-mile trip from Rosslyn to RFK. As I recall, he hung tough on a muggy day. So in true SLR fashion, once I was somewhat certain he knew his way back, I picked up the pace somewhere around the Washington Monument and dropped him. Let’s hope he’s a little more gracious to me.

February 18– Another reunion. Gnat and Tim and I are doing a marathon relay. A few years back, we pressed Gnat into service for the middle leg of about 6 miles. Ever the consummate bargain hunter, he had mail-ordered some nice shoes that were a bit too small. So he just skipped the socks and ran until his feel were raw. Then he kept running to the end of his relay leg. Good times. (Tim’s already declared he’ll take the short leg this time.)

April 1– Oh, sweet Cherry Blossom.

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    Hey Mike, I sent you an email earlier this week.

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