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Common Table

December 17, 2006

A nice weekend, and one that’s got me all nostalgic and thankful and misty.

Last year, the wife and I went to our church‘s Christmas chili-fest and gingerbread-build-off with some serious burdens. She, heavy with child, and me, heavy of mind. Worried and waiting and desperately wondering if our children would survive the pregnancy. Without much hope that they would.

So it felt like a triumphal entry to walk through that same door last night with our beloved girl. Beloved not just by us, but by every single person in the room. All who bring their bright faces to meet hers, to greet her and celebrate her and welcome her to the family. All who stand beside us, somehow simultaneously full of our joy, and sharing our sadness.

Thanks be to God.

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    Thanks to GOD—Indeed


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