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the everybodyfields

November 26, 2006

I’m fortunate to have several stone-cold, absolutely reliable go-to sources for good music. My brother-in-law is one such person. Often, when we’re talking to him on the phone, his answer to ‘what are you up to?’ includes mention of the music he’s currently listening to. Typically, such a revelation will be followed by our clarification of the spelling, so that we can hit the ‘buy album’ button while we’re still on the phone with him. Then, we’ll just revel in the glory and play the thing to death until we talk to him again.

But he’s outdone himself this time. the everybodyfields have soulful vocals, rich harmony, and spare, bluegrassy/folk/country instrumentation. It’s real honest, real good, and real sad.

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2 Responses to “the everybodyfields”

  1. Oh, YES! This is great stuff! I thank your brother-in-law, too.

  2. Don’t know how far you are from Ashland but according to MapQuest, I’m about two hours away. The Everybodyfields are listed as “coming soon” to Ashland Coffee & Tea.

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