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Slurpy Girl

November 14, 2006

All day yesterday, I was wondering why our little girlie was so very fussy and clingy. Upon returning home, her mother asked me, “has she been this congested all day?”.

Oy, Father of the Year!

Sure enough, she coughed and sputtered all through last night. She had too many friends this weekend, and indulged in too many fingers. So now she’s got herself a nice cold, and a snotty nose, lip, and chin to show for it. Fortunately, she’s learned to mouth-breath recently, and even more fortunately, we had already scheduled her six-month pediatrician visit for today, so we now know that her ears are ok. But her little eyes are all puffy, and she wakes up with the most pitiful gasp and cough that you ever did hear. Poor kid.

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3 Responses to “Slurpy Girl”

  1. kate says:

    It sucks when your kid is sick. However, I have to say — the lucky girl doesn’t go to day care. Or, as we day care parents call it, The Petri Dish.
    As her mom told me many a time, it just toughens up her immune system. :)

  2. Rebecca says:

    Children have an amazing ability to pick up germs. It seems like basically every time Sophie has contact with another kid, grocery cart, air beyond our apartment, etc., she gets a stuffy nose or worse. I have read that the more bugs kids deal with in early childhood the stronger their immune system over a lifetime. Does that mean we should all load our kids up on vitamins and take them to the play place at the mall? ;)

  3. Ken says:

    Mike, your not the only Dad who misses things, rest assured! Although I am getting much better (and even have beaten Mommy to a few diagnosis), I have painfully missed some obvious issues as a father. Like copious amounts of drool coupled with constant crying MIGHT indicate teething, not simply an irrational child who needs to settle down and watch Blues Clues!!

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