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October 23, 2006

I’m not normally short on words, but there are some things that leave me aghast.

A few days after Will’s funeral, we had an appointment scheduled with our Heroic Pediatrician. Of course, he was more than happy to change or cancel the appointment, and told us so repeatedly, including at the funeral (which he attended with great sincerity). We nearly heeded his advice to reschedule, but finally thought, “what else are we going to do?,” and so trundled Ella off for her appointment.

As always, his kindness and compassion was beyond words– he took a lot of time to talk to us about both of our children, and to offer his help in any way. And then he sat down and got serious.

He reminded us that he had been training for a marathon, but was having trouble with his feet. He had given up, he said, but for some “new motivation” he had found “about a week ago”. And since attending the funeral, he realized how running ‘made sense’. So now, he wondered, “would it be alright if I ran the marathon in honor of William?”.

As if that weren’t enough, he even offered this to be an opportunity for people to give financially in William’s name towards help for other kids like William, as they sponsor him in his race. He’s not only a hero to us and our family, but to so many others, making a difference as he spends each day giving himself away for the sake of our children.

He’ll be the one out there on Sunday, soldiering through 26.2 miles in an orange shirt bearing our son’s name. And I’ll be the one trying to keep pace with him for one more lap around Hains Point.

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