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Ten Years Gone

October 15, 2006

I stepped off the jetway at the San Francisco Airport to see a Peet’s Coffee in the terminal, and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry–the greatest coffee in the world now exists outside of Berkeley. Further, California now features internet access (some of it is wireless!), cellular phones, and ee-lectric cars. So much has changed, and yet some things remain the same: the golden hills, the comforting fog, the panoramic views, the Bay, and the skip-trowelling on the walls.

And it’s also populated by some really good friends of ours. Or, it was before, but we didn’t know them then. Before, we had a whole different set of really good friends, who lived here then. And most of them probably still live here now, too. But we’ve changed a bit (though we’re not sure if it is forward or backward) and so we wonder how much we still have in common with these old friends.

So, what to do? I think the nascent plan in my head was to hang out with the new friends and to make a foray into a little catch-up with the old friends. But the fact that the whole place seems to have leapt forward is making me a little nervous. Still, we’re pushing ourselves out the door to our old neighborhood to check out the church where I did my internship. Should be interesting.

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