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Parting = Sweet Sorrow

October 30, 2006

After much procrastination, I’m about to tuck this precious laptop into a box and send it off to Memphis for 5-7 business days.

About one month ago, the small wonder started exhibiting a peculiar problem: intermittent and quite unexpected instantaneous shutdowns. After enduring random blink-outs as I searched the web for a reason, I nervously called Apple about a fix. Without hesitation, they admitted knowledge of a somewhat regular problem (even as they have avoided a complete recall, fueling fears of many). They assured me that continued use of the machine will not exacerbate the problem, so I’ve limped along by obsessively hitting ‘save’ as I write emails and blog posts for fear of (yet another) loss of data. But now, the time has come. I have every expectation that we’ll have our baby back in a few days, better than new. It’s just that our backup is an aging PC with spotty internet access, and I’m quite spoiled.

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3 Responses to “Parting = Sweet Sorrow”

  1. Liz says:

    And you thought it was hard to give up coffee…

  2. Amy says:

    I feel for ya. My baby went down for a month. Had to use a Dell laptop loaner. Uh, so painful.

  3. Craig Bob says:

    Be strong Mike. I’ve walked the same difficult path with my MacBook over the last month. I feel that I’m a better man for the experience.

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