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October 15, 2006

Because The Girl was such a champion traveler on the trip out, I had an especially heightened sense of joy and relief at joining a bunch of friends in a familiar place for a few days of hanging out, talking, eating, reminiscing, dreaming, celebrating, and sharing burdens together. The first day was rainy, but the sun shone its bright face to cheer us on the subsequent days.

I was a little distracted with Ella this year, and just more weary in general, so my experience was more concentrated: I skated on most of the organized conversations in favor of meals and evening hang time. Which was, in the end, really great. It was wonderful to catch up with so many friends and to make a couple of new ones, and to remember how scattered and connected, how disparate and agreeable, how supportive and challenging we are in this extended family.

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  1. s.o says:

    mike & stacy & ella –
    it was a pleasure to meet you at the gathering. I was extremely encouraged. And I told stacy as I was leaving … but Ella was a special encouragement to me. (just little peaks at her throughout the three days)

    mike, your presence, boldness, authenticity, and your poetry were moving. thank you for sharing there and then.

    if you will, please consider this one of the new friendships. I look forward … to what’s forward.

    peace and all good,

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