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Another First

October 4, 2006

Since the internet is down at our place, I’m swiping a pirated signal from the porch on a lovely fall evening. Inside, there are voices and squeals and exaggerated conversation as The Wife tries to get The Girl to give a command performance of today’s debut:

The Very First Laugh

I mean, a toothless grin, and a tilt of the head, and a big ‘ole belly laugh. About ten of them, actually. It was wonderful.

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4 Responses to “Another First”

  1. says:

    Oh how we look forward to hearing that jous laugh too. GOD BLESS

    Grandpa Dave-Grandma Ruth

  2. Is there anything more joyful than the laugh of a baby or child?

  3. says:

    PLEASE—-any chance you could send a picture or two?? Wud love to see the smiles!

    Grandpa Dave

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