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Open Letter

September 23, 2006

Dear God:

I’m not sure you’re too into the whole blogging thing (especially archaic 1.0 operations like this one…), and I know that both of us have much larger things with which to concern ourselves, but I feel as though it might be productive to mention something.

You may remember some unanswered questions I had around the whole notion of breastfeeding. Most especially, the juxtaposition of hungry, shrinking, newborn babies with loving mothers desperate to feed them, who at the same time have an insufficient supply of milk. I think I stopped short of calling this ‘cruel’, but it did strike me as of questionable design. And I know we never resolved this, but I guess I kind of moved on.

Recently, though, I think I’m having a bit more trouble. For, as I’m sure you’ve noted, my poor Wife has been producing more breastmilk since her son died than before. She was working away, barely keeping up with demand in the weeks before he passed. But on the very day of his death, her production actually increased, and it has only slowed a little in the days since. She’s tried to taper, but that has only lead to painfully clogged milk ducts (which seems more than a little unkind, considering).

I guess I’m looking less for an explanation, and more for a break. Please?

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