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On Reflexes

September 2, 2006

After enough time spent with valuable equipment, one develops some interesting and often amusing reflexes. Fishermen might fall into the river, but they won’t let go of their fishing rod unless they are near death. I once fell off of a ladder, but I didn’t drop my tools. True computer people will throw their laptop out of the way of an oncoming car, even if it means they’re less likely to escape themselves. A hardcore mechanic might tear his scalp open on a car hood, but he’ll never bump a fender with a wrench.

Today, when grabbing some tools, I saw two things falling simultaneously: the top tray of my drill box (with all of its bits, brackets, screws, and accessories), and my sawzall box. In a split second, the reptilian core of my brain had to choose to move my foot out of the way of the heavy metal sawzall box, or to avoid a major cleanup.

I don’t think anything’s broken in my foot, and that little cut should heal up soon.

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One Response to “On Reflexes”

  1. emmegab says:

    hilarious, but having picked up those hundreds of bits before, I think you made the wise choice.
    sorry about the foot, though.

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