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Hurry Up and Wait (and Worry)

September 7, 2006

Tonight was to be the night that I sat down to write a post about Will’s impending visit to the Cardiac Catheterization Lab tomorrow morning. I’d talk about how I was nervous and apprehensive, but excited to take this important step toward his next heart operation on October 3. I’d tease out the tension that comes with taking a mostly healthy boy down that long hall toward general anesthesia, intubation, and insertion of a small catheter into his leg to explore the circulation around his heart and to close off some of the smaller blood vessels there in preparation for the Glenn procedure in a few weeks. About how anxious I was for a hospital stay that was supposed to be a simple overnight, but that might be longer.

But instead, I’m writing about how we got a call this afternoon to cancel the procedure. It seems they found some elevated levels in his urine that are raising some concerns about his kidneys. So now I find myself frustrated and wishing that we could continue pushing ahead. I mean, I’m glad for the caution of the cardiac team (and I’m more than a little concerned about his renal function and possible interventions there!), but I’m also impatient and wanting to get on with this whole thing. That last little part of me that likes planning and schedules and calendars says, “no, we’ve got our September and October all set up (it’s only 4 events, but still), and we need to make this stuff happen!” What’s even harder is knowing that when that impatience wears off, I’m going to be pretty messed up about just how messed up his kidneys might be.

So instead of the heart cath, we’ll be going to see our cardiologist tomorrow afternoon for more tests, and to set up a renal evaluation. As is usual, she’s softened this blow by suggesting that we might be able to do the cath on Friday, but we’re not getting our hopes up.

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  1. dstavlund says:

    Mike & Stacy:

    We’ll pray this kidney “thing” is only a small pebble in the path to healing.

    GPaw Dave

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