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That’s My Sister

August 14, 2006

There are extra tears all around the house tonight with the departure of AuntPammy, who’s been staying with us for the past week. It was a relief and a delight to have her eager hands and warm heart. Indeed, upon arrival, she set aside her considerable expertise and abilities– and the fact that she could probably care for our kids better than us– and just followed our lead, helping us with whatever needed doing whenever it needed to be done (ok, with the exeption that she taught our kids the alphabet yesterday). She cooked, she cleaned, she changed, she coddled and comforted and consoled. She even rode along on a harrowing visit to the hospital for a blood draw. For seven days, she answered every request with ‘yes’ and grabbed each new challenge with openness and vigor and love. Through it all, she helped us find some more balance and get back into some rhythm, even if the change was only incremental.

I’m probably the worst brother in the world: I space on special days, I never visit, call, write, or email, and I’m so self-absorbed that it’s shameful. But as the oldest child, I work hard to avoid pigeon-holing my siblings as the kids they were when I left home. Still, I broke out into a full sweat whenever the conversation swung to her area(s) of expertise. Talking to her about education, or her Master’s research, or her classroom presence, I found myself bearing down to make sure that I could follow the conversation, ask decent questions, and just basically not embarass myself. She is quite something, my sister. Brilliant, and luminous, and gorgeously generous. I’m unworthy to be her friend, much less her brother.

I should really say more, but I need to wash the dishes now, for the first time in a week.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Okay, cut it out! You know the blessing was mine. And I love you, too.

    So we had that cry-fest at the terminal curb, right? Then I’m standing at the ticket counter in this stagnant line with tears sta-reaming down my face. I’m sure the people around me are trying hard not to stare. I attempt all of my best moves–blink at the ceiling, reappy chapstick, drink water (but, no stinkin’ liquids), think happy thoughts. I’m now crying harder thinking on the happy memory of holding two of my favorite miracles. Then…then I have visions of you and Stacy trying to be the Sears Photo Dream Team getting the kids’ attention for this photo. Stacy the mad clicker with the loving lilt in her voice & Mike acting ridiculously happy with his jazz hands and falsetto right over mom’s shoulder. I wish I had a photo of THAT scene to post on your blog! It was enough to send me from the ugly cry to echoing laughter in two seconds flat! Lucky for me, security had enough issues, so my sobbing/belly laughing spectacle didn’t warrant any additional pat-downs. Unless…they flagged my luggage and that’s where it is…still stuck in the crazy-lady department of security.

  2. Jenn says:

    As an old friend of Pam’s, I have to echo everything Mike wrote about her. She truly is amazing!
    And to see her holding her niece and nephew was so awesome. Congratulations to you all on your miracles!!!

    jenn moss (pam’s old college roommate)

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