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On Raising Caines

August 23, 2006

Today’s moment of convergence came at 8pm, as half of us woke up from a nap and the other half celebrated the end of a scary and ultimately successful meal, and we rocked out.

The highlight was Will singing along with Toby: “here’s your hey, hey, hey
here’s your ho, ho, ho”. And Ella certainly had a lot to say when Patrice was sent packing.

Proving once again that the family that rocks together, stays together.

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2 Responses to “On Raising Caines”

  1. Rei-Rei says:

    Oh, the webbs we weave!!! It is very late/early here. Yet, the hood is all on the phone. “Did you read his blog? What about His? And then there’s hers?…” All this even though we just left eachother ten minutes ago. We are all good friends. Even though some of us have never met and we live in different places. Thank goodness “beginning to be friends” is over!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    True dat’, rei rei. Hey, the family that rocks together really does stay together! Mike and Stacy, of all the Things That Give Me Pleasure, JR and I both agree, your nod to ROCKSTAR SUPERNOVA (greatest of all great reality shows—not that we’ve ever watched anything but one season of Survivor) gives us great pleasure. Your kids will be the better for listening to/watching it… :)
    Love, Jr and Shonda

    P.S. Why Patrice????

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