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Circadium: Strapping on the Feed Bag

August 4, 2006

With big props to a big-time blogger for the graphic. My favorite thing about it? The fuzzy text makes me squint every time I look at it, just like I squint when I write this at three.

Oh, and The Wife and I changed some of the previous titles. What’s that you say? “I thought these were unedited”? Yeah, well… whatever. Buzz off.

Why am I so hungry at three? I’ve always heard of people wanting a ‘midnight snack’, and never understood that, but I guess that’s just because I never get up in the middle fo the night. But now I kind of get worried, because wht are you supposed to eat in the middle of the night? I had crackers the other night, and some granola tonight. I know what I want: a giant piece of cheese. But that can’t sit well when I go back to bed, and anyway, my gut is growing faster than my son’s at this point. So granola it is.

Of course, granola can have a lot of fat in it, too. So there you go. I guess I’ll grab that hunk of cheese. But that’s a bad combo, so I’ll stick with the granola. mmm… dried fruit.

We are finally getting to the bottom of the pile of granola here. When we first had the babies, word went out that oats is good for milk production. As a result, we accumulated a mountain of granola. Which is finally (almost) gone. Now we have a mountain of milk! (or a pond, or a lake. except it’s all frozen, so it does accumulate vertically, so there you go). And we’re working on the oatmeal. But that’s gonna take a while. Because who wants a hot bowl of oatmeal as a snack, or in the middle of the night?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You DO tend to run onnnnnnnnn at this hour of the am, not to mention just a FEW misspelled words, but whoz cowtin? Anyway, fer shut itz wurth: YA Gottis Made!! xoxoxo

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