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Circadium: Red Friday

August 5, 2006

The final verdict on our day yesterday: the kids are fine. Which sounds simple, but it was a harrowing journey to get to ‘fine’.

We’ve been doing these labs, see. Stick the kids heel or arm to draw some blood, then send it off to the lab somewhere to look at some aspect of it. Well, the sending is the problem, you see. Because Ella’s first important blood sample was, um, ‘mixed up’– was the official explanation. several weeks ago. So a couple of days ago, we finally found a site nearby that would draw blood from such a little person, and went there. Had Will’s blood drawn to check on his electrolytes, too. Problem solved, right?

Well, Will’s blood sample was ‘hemolized’. Which means something to smart people, but to me just means, ‘you gotta do it again’. Ella’s results had some very disconcerting elevations (suggestive of major liver problems), which combined with the lack of info on her brother just ramped up the concerns that we get some answers quick, before the weekend.

So our big plans for a quiet Friday were junked in favor of packing crying kids and travelling into the city for blood draws and some other tests. Which meant picking up some forms from the Doctor and heading up to The Land of The Lost (aka, the blood draw department) where we learned that our forms weren’t the *right* forms, and so we made more calls and went back down to the doctor, etc. But finally, the blood and the screaming flowed freely, and we sent our samples off for ‘stat’ assesment (to avoid sending them off to be lost– sure hope our insurance covers this extra expense!).

While we waited for the results, the results from the earlier tests on The Girl warranted a check of her urine, to rule out a serious urinary tract infection. So it was back down on the table to *attempt* to cathederize her. A harrowing 20 minutes that– after innumerable attempts and plenty of ear-splitting screaming and strong squirming– finally resulted in the removal and withdrawal of the catheder and the verdict: “well, since she peed on the table, there isn’t any more urine in her bladder.” So they took out the catheder, and taped on some kind of bag (couldn’t we have done this instead, then?) to get the sample.

Meanwhile, the ‘stat’ labs came back, and everything was normal. The boy is good, and the girl’s results from earlier this week must have been erroneous. Oh, and the urine culture looks good, too. No infection, just some blood in the urine which is surely from the procedure today. Lovely.

So a huge buildup, and a terrible stressor of a day for everyone, just to learn that we’re all fine. Except that everyone is exhausted and cranky. It’s easy to consider this a wasted day, at least at the end of it. And it’s no one’s fault, really. Everyone is doing their job, and we earnestly thanked them for it. But man, what a bad day. I’m so glad it’s over.

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